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Has your website been hacked?

Fixing a hacked website can be quite challenging, even for techies. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. At SiteHacked we have what it takes to retrieve and repair your website! Not only that, we offer our services at a competitive rate. For £149,- (ex. VAT) we will undo any hacks, and remove malware from your website. We also secure your website to prevent hackers from doing more harm moving forward. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to get in touch.

Has your website been hacked?

Why go with Sitehacked?

No cure no pay

If, for some reason, we're not able to repair your website, we'll offer you a refund within two working days.

Years of experience

Since 2016 we have successfully fixed more than 600 websites.


We offer a highly effective service at a competitive rate, including a 30-day guarantee. There are no hidden or additional costs.


After your website has been restored, we send you a report of the scans we've performed as well as the malware we've removed. We also give you tips on how to prevent hacks in the future.


We offer a 30-day guarantee on our Fix Package, and a 90-day guarantee on our Fix & Secure Package. If your site gets hacked again within this period, we fix your website for free.

Back online

Within 48 hours! Guaranteed!

How does it work?


Just go to our services page, and simply choose the service you need. After you’ve completed your order you will be redirected to our repair form. You will also receive an email containing more information about the next steps.


The second step is to share the details we need to access your website and hosting account. You can share those details with us through our secure dashboard. Our helpdesk is available if you have any questions.


After we’ve received your details, we will double check to make sure that they are correct. If we need any additional information we will contact you. If everything is correct we will send you a confirmation email.


Now we can start fixing your website for you! The next 48 hours we run a series of scans, and we clean or remove any malicious files from your website. We can also add additional security to your website if you’ve requested that extra service.


After the final scan we deliver your website completely free of malware. You then receive an email with a report of our findings, including information on how to prevent this from happening again in the future.


You can always get in touch with us after we’ve fixed your website. If you have questions or issues, we’ll be there to help you out. We also offer advice on our hosting and support services through Surver.

Our packages

At SiteHacked we offer three different services: Fix, Fix & Secure, and Never get hacked again! The Fix Service cleans your website, and afterwards you receive a report, including information on how to prevent hacks in the future. The Fix & Secure Service will clean your website and add advanced layers of security, such as updates and installation of security plugins to prevent your website from being hacked moving forward. If you order the Never get hacked again! service we transfer your website to our own hosting facility, where we can guarantee that your website will never be hacked again.




One-time payment

A clean website within 48 hours

Report of detected malware

30-day guarantee

SiteHacked_Services_Fix & Secure

Fix and Secure


One-time payment

A clean and secure website within 48 hours

Report of detected malware and security measures

Secure your website against future hacks

90-day guarantee

SiteHacked_Services_Fix, secure, host & maintain

Never get hacked again

from £19,95

Per month

A clean and secure website within 48 hours

Report of detected malware and security measures

Secure hosting for your website

Maintenance of your website

365-day guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We fix any website running on CMS, such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and Drupal. Not only that, but we do it within 48 hours. If, for some reason, we’re unable to restore your website to its original state, we will offer you a complete refund.

Absolutely not! We’ll fix your website for the one-time fee of £149.- (ex. VAT). This includes our 30-day guarantee.

We give you a 30-day guarantee on our service. If your website does get hacked again we will restore it for you at no extra cost.

For every website that we fix we will also provide recommendations on how to improve security. We also offer a Fix & Secure service. The best solution to prevent hacks from happening in the future is to host your website with a reliable hosting company. We work with Surver, where they provide secure hosting, website maintenance, and keep your website hack-free all year round!

Well, that’s quite possible, however, fixing a website can be time-consuming, so we would advise against this. Mainly because it’s hard to remove every single bit of malware. We have the expertise to completely clean your website, and ensure that you’re back online within 48 hours.



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